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Salt Spray Test

Blow up Surface

Carbon fiber and aluminum have no electrical contact

  • Core is covered with synthetic fiber and resin
  • Synthetic fiber and resin are insulation

ACSR has galvanic corrosion ACFR has no galvanic corrosion

ACFR's core, CFCC®, has high acid resistance capability

Test conditions

  • Test: CFCC, steel wire
  • Burial depth: Surface, 10 -14 m
  • Acid hot spring gushes out near test piece
  • Acidity pH : 2.25 (hot spring); 2.4 (soil)
  • H2S content at hot spring: 6.05 ppm

ACFR's core, CFCC®, has high water resistance capability

Water-submersion test

No deterioration in tensile strength

  • CFCCs are immersed in fresh water for several years
  • Tensile tests are undertaken using immersed CFCC

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