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CFCC was developed in the 1980s, and was initially used as a reinforcement for civil engineering components and building structures. In 2002 we began supplying the CFCC core to conductor partners for ACFR production, and more than 10 years of satisfactory operation have now passed.

1980s Commenced development of CFCC
1986 Supplied for PC Bridge project in Japan
2001 Supplied for PC Bridge project in Michigan/USA
2002 Supplied for ACFR project in Japan
2002 ACFR presentation at CIGRE(*) session 2002
(*) CIGRE is an international council on large electric systems

Supplied for ACFR project in the international market

2011 Established Gamagori CFCC Plant in Japan
(first full-scale integrated CFCC factory)
2016 Established Michigan CFCC Plant in USA
(first overseas CFCC production facility)

Gamagori CFCC Plant in Japan

Michigan Plant in USA

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