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CFCC stands for Carbon Fiber Composite Cable

8 Advantages

High Modulus
Equal to Steel
No Iron Loss
1/5 of Steel
High Flexibility
Can be wound onto a small drum
High Corrosion Resistance
Against acid, alkali, water and UV 
High Tensile Fatigue
Able to withstand wind vibration
Low Linear Expansion
1/10 of Steel (CFCC: 1.0×10-6, Steel : 11.5×10-6)
Low Creep Elongation
Similar to Steel

CFCC bending performance


CFCC is composed of stranded CFRP wire. A large size can be produced by increasing the number of CFRP wires. A large size can be applied to a Core of High Capacity or an Ultra-Long Tower Span Conductor.

CFCC Construction Single
(Rod Type)
7-strand 19-strand
Construction Sign U 1×7 1×19
Cross-section Shape

Durability and Reliability due to CFCC construction


CFCC has two grades based on the operating temperature.
Both CFCCs have the same characteristics apart from heat resistance.
The differences in heat resistance come from the differences in the resin components.

CFCC Grade Continuous Operating Temperature Emergency Operating Temperature Main Purpose
Normal Type 130 ℃ Construction
HT Type 175 ℃ 200 ℃ Conductor

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