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When was ACFR first installed?

2002 was the first year it was installed in Japan. Since then, more than 10 years of satisfactory operation have passed.

Which aluminum wire is best for an ACFR conductor?

This depends on transmission owner's decision. Annealed aluminum wire has advantages in terms of conductivity and available temperature, although hard-drawn and TAL wire have advantages with regard to installation work.

What is the knee point of ACFR?

That depends on the design of the ACFR, because it is related to the tension balance between the aluminum wire and the CFCC core. The average temperature is 100 degrees.

Can we use round aluminum wire for ACFR?

Round aluminum wire is available for ACFR. If better sag performance is required, round aluminum wire is better, but there is the disadvantage of transmission loss compared to trapezoidal aluminum wire.

Do you offer custom-designed ACFR?

Yes, if the design conditions and target criteria are provided, we can propose an ACFR design.

How long is one drum length for the CFCC core?

The standard length is 7,200 meters, depending on the core size. This length is related to the carbon fiber filament length.

What is the standard lead time for the CFCC core?

The average lead time is one month on an ex-factory basis, depending on the manufacturing situation and order volume.

Where is the CFCC core produced?

The CFCC core is produced in Japan and the USA.

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