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Characteristics of CFCC

Characteristics of CFCC - 1

Unique, Outstanding Capabilities of CFCC that surpass conventional cables

  • "CFCC" stands for Carbon Fiber Composite Cable.
  • CFCC is a stranded CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) which consists of twisted carbon fibers of approx. 7µm dia. and an epoxy resin.

Characteristic of CFCC - 2

CFCC makes the most of carbon fiber's excellent material properties, and shows the merits superior to conventional cables.


About 1/5 weight of steel strands, with specific gravity of 1.5

15m→2.3kg (CFCC 1x7 12.5φ)


Thanks to the stranded configuration, CFCC can be easily winded into a coil or on a reel.

CFCC 1x7 12.5mm diameter 1,200m long, winded onto a wood reel (shell diameter: 1.2m).

High Corrosion Resistance

CFCC has superior resistance to acid and alkali.


CFCC is made from carbon fibers and an epoxy resin, thus is not magnetized.

Magnetic permeability

Material Relative magnetic permeability
CFCC Below 1.000*
Non magnetic PC steel (18Mn steel) 1.003
Iron core 1,200

* Due to the performance of magnetic analysis equipment, values less than 1.000 were immeasurable.

Low Linear Expansion

CFCC's coefficient of linear expansion is approx. 1/20 of steel.

Coefficient of linear expansion

Material Coefficient of linear expansion
CFCC 0.6x10-6/℃
Steel 12.0x10-6/℃

High Tensile Strength

Tensile strength of CFCC is 1.4 - 2.1kN/mm2.

High Tensile Elasticity

CFCC's tensile elastic modulus of 137kN/mm2 is higher than glass fibers or aramid fibers.

* CFCC 1x7 12.5mm dia.

High Tensile Fatigue Resistance

CFCC has higher tensile fatigue resistance in comparison with PC steel strands.

Low Relaxation

CFCC's relaxation ratio is on the same level as low relaxation PC steel strands.

(Test specimen: CFCC 1x7 dia. 12.5mm, The initial load: 70% of guaranteed breaking load, The ambient temperature: 20℃±2℃)

Small Creep Elongation

CFCC's creep elongation is smaller than that of other FRP materials such as glass fibers or aramid fibers, and almost equal to steel cables.

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