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Management Policies(Medium-Term Management Plan「TRX135」)

Basic Management Policy

Our corporate group, by implementing measures for enhancing competition in the global market as well as strategies for growth, will strive to enhance our earning capacity and financial standing. In doing so we will aim to achieve a high corporate value that will allow us to make further contributions to society in the 21st century as well, mainly by providing products and services that value the perspective of the customer.

Pursuing “Total Cable Technology” (our Mid to Long Term Vision)

Our corporate group has continued to make daily strides in pursuit of Total Cable Technology,which is our mid to long term vision.
Total Cable Technology is a phrase that expresses the unique strengths of Tokyo Rope Mfg.Co., Ltd., which are: (1) A lineup of cable manufacturing products made from a wide range of advanced materials such as ultra-high-strength steel, high-function fiber, and carbon fiber; (2) various types of cable processing technology suitable for the field of use; (3) combiningsolutions such as soundness diagnostics and engineering; and (4) providing breakthrough products and services at bases of operation by expanding our business globally by targeting global markets.
We will continue to grow as one of the world's leading companies by taking full advantage of these unique strengths, even in today's global era.

New Medium-Term Management Plan TRX135

The Group formulated a new medium-term management plan TRX135 to serve as a guideline for our business operations for the fiscal years ending March 2022 to March 2024. TRX135 stands for Tokyo Rope Trans(X-)formation 135. It embodies our wish to make a major change to the Group on the occasion of the 135th year since our foundation. As described in the outline of the new medium-term management plan below, we will focus on maximizing the Group’s potential by overcoming the structural issues of the Group based on the results of the previous medium-term management plan and laying the foundation for business with growth potential, while maintaining our brand power based on the trust of our business partners cultivated through the history of the Group, which will commemorate its 135th year in 2022.

・Mid-to-long-term vision and the new medium-term management plan The Group will commemorate its 135th anniversary in 2022 and has contributed to the development of safe and secure social infrastructure through the provision of various product lines, technologies, and related services, such as wire rope, which has been the core business for many years, and engineering-related businesses, which derived from wire rope. We believe that our products, technologies, and services will continue to be useful across an expanding range of fields in Japan and other countries in the future. We are confident that the use of the technologies and knowledge that we have accumulated will contribute to the SDGs that the international community aims for. We also recognize that it is our duty to fulfill this social responsibility. As the foundation of the mid-to-long-term business activities, we will strive to contribute to the sustainable development of society and environment by focusing on initiatives to achieve SDGs, promoting thorough compliance, and strengthening corporate governance at the same time. Based on this recognition, we believe that the Group’s corporate value can also be enhanced by sustainably developing our activities and fulfilling our social missions.
The new medium-term management plan will be a three-year period in which to lay the groundwork for the development growth. Our top priority is to quickly recover to a stable level of profit from the sluggish performance caused by the deterioration of the business environment and prior investments made in recent years. At the same time, we have positioned the new medium-term management plan as a preparation period for future growth.
Eiichi Shibusawa, the first chairman of the Company, advocated the principle of “unity of morality and economy,” and we have adopted his spirit of “coexistence and co-prosperity” as our corporate motto. We will continue to contribute to society by providing solutions through Total Cable Technology, which organically combines high-quality products, services, and solutions – specifically, materials, processes, engineering technologies, and measurement/diagnostic technologies related to ropes. In addition, we will work together with our stakeholders, including employees, customers, local communities, and shareholders, by focusing on environmental conservation and safety and security initiatives.
Furthermore, we will increase the transparency of our management and enhance our communication with stakeholders to gain understanding and support from both inside and outside the Group. We will work together as a whole Group to realize our new medium-term management plan TRX135, which is our three-year goal.

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