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Engineering Products

We develop products and processes that contribute to "create comfortable keep safe living of the the people" by using the characteristics of rope and net. We satisfy our clients' needs in slope, road, bridge and port. We consider it important to preserve beautiful sight and environment, and we are working on the development of new technology and new product.

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Bridge & Structural Cable Product

Cable used for permanent structure such as bridges requires high technology, quality, and precision. We are developing technologies for a large scale structure based on our experience with many suspension-bridges, among them is Akashi Ohashi.

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Carbon Fiber Composite Cable (CFCC) Products

CFCC is a cable made with carbon fiber and polymer composite. It is light in weight, strong, non-magnetic, and noncorrosive as well as has small thermal linear expansion coefficient. It can reduce the weight of a structure, and its high corrosion resistance enables better life cycle cost.

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