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M-102 (8 mile road) Bridge over Plum Creek

(A Precast PC Bridge in which CFCC was used as all tendons and reinforcements)

In State of Michigan, USA, there is a problem that reinforcements in concrete bridges significantly corrode by the adverse effect of de-icing salt that is scattered in winter, and bridges deteriorate in the early stage. This M-102 Bridge over Plum Creek also was replaced due to reinforcements' conspicuous degradation, CFCC was thoroughly applied for the new PC bridge as non-corrosive tendon, shear reinforcement and mild reinforcement. This bridge consists of 2 parallel PC bridges of east bound and west bound with precast PC box beams and pre-sterssed spread box beam superstructures of which concrete was placed at the site. M-102 is a major urban route into the city of Detroit, MI.

  • CFCC strands stressed in a mould for production of concrete beams
  • CFCC reinforcements deployed and fixed in the mould for production of concrete beams
  • The beck slabs were reinforced with CFCC as mild reinforcement
  • Overall view of M-102 bridge over Plum Creek
Client Michigan Department of Transportation(MDOT) Location Southfield, MI, USA
Dimensions Bridge length: 23 m, Width: 19 m (East bound, West bound respectively) Application Tendons and Stirrups for PC box beam CFCC 1 x 7 dia. 15.2 mm
Reinforcements for deck slub: CFCC 1 x 7 dia. 15.2 mm
Completion East bound: 2013, West bound: 2014    

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