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Rope plays a strong leading role "behind-the-scenes."
Although at times it is unseen by human eyes, hidden deep in the mountains or at the bottom of the sea, or within various products, wire rope provides a hidden power that is highly important for industry as one functional part of the whole to continuously provide limitless performance.

Steel wire and steel strand products are used in a wide range of applications from various industrial uses such as electric power and communication cables to general household products.

Steel cord is an absolutely essential material for tire reinforcement and is one of Tokyo Rope's main products.
Products manufactured in our plants are delivered to each tire manufacturer and have earned high praise from our customers.

We rationally utilize the characteristics of rope, nets and similar items to proactively provide for needs related to roads, bridges and harbors. In the manufacture and sales of these products, we always strive to design, produce and install these products in manner that is considerate to the environment and from the perspective of protecting nature.

"CFCC" stands for Carbon Fiber Composite Cable. CFCC is a structure reinforcement cable developed through our new composite technology, and is produced by forming a compound of carbon fibers and thermosetting resins into a stranded shape.

"ACFR" stands for Aluminum Composite Fiber Reinforced which is innovative  HTLS conductor. ACFR can increase ampacity, reduce transmission loss, and lower overall cost.

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