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High-Corrosion Resistant Ground Anchor in Owakuzawa

Owakuzawa Landslide Countermeasure Works

The type of Owakuzawa's landslide surface is volcanic; Due to fumarole and strong acidic hydrothermal effect, the underground bedrock became clayey and liquefaction of soil had been proceeding. Given such circumstances, corrosion and thermal resistant material was needed, and NM Ground Anchor was applied.

  • NM Ground Anchor in Owakudani
  • Owakudani panorama
Client Kanagawa Prefecture Odawara Civil Engineering Office Location Kanagawa Prefecture
Dimensions Anchor length: 12.24 - 22.24 m Materials CFCC 1 x 7 12.5 mm dia. L = 667 m
Application Ground anchor tendon Completion 2012

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