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Nimmo Parkway Bridge - application of CFCC for prestressed concrete piles in substructures

In Virginia, prestressed concrete piles are commonly used in substructures of bridges, including in areas near the coast. Saltwater is a problem for bridges in coastal areas because it can corrode the steel strands within the prestressed concrete piles. To mitigate the corrosion problem, CFCC - a corrosion-free composite product - was used in the prestressed concrete piles of a bridge near the coast for the first time in Virginia. This particular bridge, on the Nimmo Parkway in Virginia Beach, had 18 prestressed piles - or 10 percent of the total number of piles - constructed using CFCC strands. The Nimmo Parkway bridge is 1,500 feet (457.2 meters) long and traverses West Neck Creek and adjacent wetlands. The new bridge, near the Virginia Beach municipal center, is wider than the original to reduce urban traffic congestion and improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians. It is expected that the use of CFCC will be beneficial for corrosion mitigation and help reduce the amount of maintenance required in this particular marine environment.

  • CFCC tendon and spiral reinforcement deployed in the mould
  • Prestressed concrete piles
  • Nimmo Parkway Bridge construction site
Client Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Location Virginia Beach, VA, USA
Dimensions Length of bridge: 1,500 feet (457.2 meters) Application Prestressed concrete piles (CFCC 1 x 7 15.2 dia., CFCC U 5.7 dia.)
Completion 2014    

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