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Wire product (Wire) is found in a variety of fields as a product and a material in various industries. Our clients use our products as cement products, reinforcement for electric wire, spring for beds and automobile seats, wire net and fence in civil engineering and construction as well as agricultural materials.

Galvanized Wire and Strand

Variety of Galvanized Wire and Strand

Galvanized Wire and Strand mainly used in electric power and communication fields are as follows.

Galvanized Strand for ACSR

A volume of ACSR (Aluminum Conductors Steel Reinforced) is used for long distance high-voltage line and for service wire as overhead power cable and overhead electric power supply. This wire used as strand requires strict mechanical performance, so that we manufacture it with our superior thermal processing and galvanization device to meet the particular specification and standards. In addition, we accept requests for high tensile-strength galvanized strand of app. 200kg/mm2, which is higher than specified in JIS3110.

Communication Cable (Optical Fiber Cable reinforcement)

These are wire and strand to reinforce communication cables. Demands for this cable are becoming more complicated due to diversified and denser information flow. To meet the requests for cables with high corrosion resistance, we supply aluminum-alloy galvanized wire and strand.


Galvanized wire, galvanized strand, and zinc aluminum coated wire are used for agricultural needs, mainly pergola in orchard. We also supply zinc aluminum coated wire for fisheries such as oyster farming.

Galvanized Wire

Galvanized wire and corrosion resistant wire are formed into wire netting and other nets to protect river bulkhead.

  • Zinc aluminum coated wire for wire netting
  • Galvanized wire for wire rock mattress
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