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Steel Cord

Steel cord division manufactures and sells steel tire cord used in steel radial tire, hose wire to reinforce high pressure hose, and saw wire used in wire saw to produce wafer and chip.
Toko Steel Cord Co., Ltd. (in Kitakami City, Iwate) manufactures those steel cord products, and the products are sold in domestic market as well as in the North America and Asia and their technologies are highly regarded.

Steel Tire Cord

It is widely used domestically and in overseas as steel radial tire and as reinforcement for belt-shape rubber products. Our steel tire cord contains high-purity wire rod most suitable for extra fine wire. The good design, the finest quality control, and the state-of-the-art facility have realized the quality of high-strength, flexibility, and high resistance to fatigue. It is coated with brass highly adherent to rubber. Furthermore, we continue to propose new technology from our basic technologies we have accumulated over 40 years, and we intend to create better products through joint development with our clients.

Hose Wire

Hose wire used as reinforcement for high pressure hose needs to have high mechanical strength and, especially, high resistance to fatigue. Our hose wire contains high-purity wire rod and is coated mostly with brass in order to be highly adherent to hose.

Saw Wire

Saw Wire is used to slice and chip crystal silicon, GaAs, crystal, glass, and magnetic material. Saw Wire is very thin and needs to be extra strong and stable. We have developed it with our wire production technology that we accumulated through long years. Among all, the solar cell industry producing solar power generation system had adopted our product since we initiated our very first saw wire production. Many solar cell manufacturers use our products.

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