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Plusnet® (Fudo-ji Temple, Suzaka City, Nagano Prefecture)

Suzaka City, located in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture, is characterized by a series of towering peaks some 2,000 meters in height, such as Mt. Neko and Mt. Azumaya, and steep geographical features due to calderas and the erosion of rivers.
The area in which Plusnet was installed consists of a steep slope that is dotted with a large amount of loose stones and boulders. It is an extremely dangerous condition because it is predicted that the occurrence of a rock slide would release some 800 KJ of energy from the falling rocks. However, the nearby residents want to avoid installing some large-scale structure that would ruin the scenery, thereby raising the problem of how to prevent falling rocks while also maintaining the scenic beauty.
For these reasons, it was decided to adopt the "Plusnet" construction method because it can provide countermeasures against falling rocks without negatively affecting the scenery as the amount of trees felled is kept at the minimum, and also since this method is compatible with a dirt foundation by use of "break anchors." Tokyo Rope's "Plusnet" construction method provides safety while protecting scenery, and has been highly praised also for its economic efficiency.

  • Plusnet (PSA-12TF Tough Coated)
  • Plusnet (PSA-12TF Tough Coated)
Client Nagano Local Office, Nagano Pref. Location Suzaka City, Nagano Pref.
Dimensions A = 1,602 m2
(72 break anchors installed)
Materials 72 break anchors
Application Rock fall countermeasure Period Construction completed in June 2014

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